Global Operations Team

Represent the voice of Groupon in our Marketplace. 

Our Global Operation Organization’s mission centers on exceptional service, delivering extraordinary value, and fostering unforgettable experiences. We empower customers, merchants and internal stakeholders with responsive, courteous, and insightful support, leveraging AI and self-service solutions for exceptional experiences. Our commitment goes beyond immediate problem-solving, extending to business-wide insights and cross-org collaboration to grow our customers and merchants. By understanding our ecosystem and utilizing data-driven insights, we know our customer and merchants pain points and work tirelessly to solve them. 

Our strategy is centered on personalized, attentive support, building loyalty and trust across touchpoints. Our dedication to a seamless, intuitive service experience, combined with continuous innovation, creates lasting value and remarkable experiences.

Join us, and we'll empower you to solve problems and diffuse tricky situations for our customers and merchants, making a significant impact on their day-to-day operations.

Meet some of our amazing team members from the Global Operations Team

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