Candidate FAQs

What does the Interview Process look like?

As we’re looking for the best talent to help us grow Groupon we want to give you the opportunity to show your best during the interview process. 

Every role and team have a slightly different interview process and order of the stages below might differ but here is an overview of what your candidate journey might look like with us

Phone Call

Our recruiter will reach out to you to schedule a call and discuss the opportunity with us, your motivation and skills, and possibly schedule a first interview.

First interview

You will meet the Hiring Manager, or a team member and discuss your work experience. While this interview will mainly focus on your skillset, it will also give you a better understanding of the position.


Either before the first interview or after you might receive a position-specific case study to complete. Your recruiter will provide further details and you’ll both agree on the best time for delivery.

Second interview

The Recruiter, along with the Hiring Manager, or a team member, will conduct the second interview. If a new person is included, they will be introduced briefly. At the end of the interview, you'll discuss the results of the assessments/case study.

Job offer

The Recruiter will send the job offer via email and follow up with a call to explain the offer. If you accept, the HR department will send you the contract to sign and we’d look forward to you joining the team.


We'll keep in touch with you to ensure you have all you need on your Day 1. HR or your manager will welcome you onsite or remotely and fill you on all Groupon and our way of working. 

What is our flexible working policy?

While we know we can be productive remotely, some work is best done in person. Groupon currently has a suite of flexible offerings such as hybrid work, in office, and a subset of roles approved to work fully remote. Our HR team continually reviews and updates these offerings to help ensure they capitalise on the benefits of remote work without compromising the strategic priority of coming together as a team.

What can you expect from us?

At Groupon, we care about all candidates and aim to keep their experience as POSITIVE as possible. These are our Candidate Experience Principles. We are:


We set clear expectations and delivering on our promises. We let candidates know they are important to us by consciously preparing for our interactions, keeping our communication clear, focused and concise and making hiring decisions without bias. We support process transparency by clearly and efficiently outlining next steps and dedicating time to answer candidate questions.


We are committed to fostering a culture of relentless curiosity and creativity because true innovation thrives in an environment of open-mindedness and collaboration. By actively seeking out different viewpoints, we challenge conventional thinking and unlock new potential of what is possible. We look forward to learning about what each candidate's perspective and experience will bring to the table.


We strive to process candidates in a timely manner and we don’t delay sharing feedback as we value all participants' time in the process. We inform our candidates about the outcome of their candidacy in a timely manner as they dedicated their energy and time in the process with us.


We aim to create positive candidate experience by creating and following candidate-focused processes. We share our insights into life at Groupon to attract candidates who are ready to join our mission and culture during Groupon’s transformation.

What benefits does Groupon offer?*

*Please note that benefits may vary based on role and location. 

If you have any feedback you would like to share with us regarding your experience in the recruitment process with us, please email us at We appreciate the feedback as we strive to continually improve our processes.