Our Mission

Groupon is a marketplace where customers discover new experiences and services everyday and local businesses thrive. 

We revolutionise the underserved local experiences and services market. We exist to empower local businesses and fuel thriving communities. To date we have worked with over a million merchant partners worldwide, connecting over 16 million customers with deals across various categories. 

In a world often dominated by e-commerce giants, we stand out as one of the few platforms uniquely committed to helping local businesses succeed on a performance basis.  With increasing consolidation across all sectors (Retail, Hospitality chains, etc.), Groupon aims to be the platform of choice for them and preserve the "local uniqueness" over "uniform consolidated experiences". Whether it's a hidden gem of a restaurant, a revitalising spa, or a thrilling family experience, we bring unforgettable options to our customers. By emphasising experiences over material goods, Groupon strengthens families and communities – bonds are formed, and memories are made all while reducing the consumption of mass produced material products.

Our Company Values