Transformer Award Winners:
Dominika Ratajczak & Charlye Tapia

January 2024

Each month we ask our global teammates to take part in our Peer Recognition Programme 
The Transformer Awards ⭐ 
by nominating colleagues who they believe embody our values, and go above and beyond to contribute to Groupon’s transformation. 

🥁 Get to know our winners - Dominika and Charlye! 🥁

Dominika Ratajczak

Sales Project Manager
Remote - Poland

Why was Dominika nominated?

Dominika is described by teammates as “a true culture champion”, and a shining example of  the embodiment of Groupon's core values. From navigating the complexities of new EU, UK, and AU tax directives in the Merchant Center to fostering innovative projects that drive high performance, her commitment to transparent communication, executed with respect, integrity, and inclusivity, ensures timely and proper task execution. Dominika's availability to assist everyone and her positive, collaborative approach make her a joy to work with. She truly bleeds green, and we’re lucky to have her on the team. 

What did Dominika say about her award?

“I'm very grateful for this recognition!

As a Project Manager helping transform our supply team, I know that e-commerce is an ever-evolving landscape, and the ability to change must be a part of my DNA. Change is difficult, but I'm happy to be a person my teammates can rely on, champion our mission, and ensure we can all see the benefits of transformation!

Thank you again for recognizing my efforts."

Why was Charlye nominated?

Charlye is described by teammates as “the epitome of transformation within our organisation”, earning this month’s award for his unparalleled commitment and innovative leadership. Juggling three teams and the All-Stars competition during a DSM's (Divisional Sales Manager) absence in December, Charlye seamlessly optimised processes, demonstrated cost-effective strategies in managing a team in Spain, and consistently delivered precise solutions. Beyond his professional acumen, his approachability and prompt responsiveness have made him a go-to figure for guidance and support. Charlye's transformative impact on our international sales team, characterised by respect, integrity, inclusion, and collaboration, is not just a one-time event but a sustained commitment to creating a positive and inclusive work environment. His exceptional leadership, resourcefulness, and dedication make Charlye Tapia a standout recipient.

What did Charlye say about his award?

“Thank you to everyone that voted for me for this prestigious recognition! I owe all of my success to my peers and our incredible leadership team. 

At Groupon, we work together to succeed, regardless or level or organization, and take ownership over an issue until the job is done. It hasn't been easy, but hard work and dedication is what's needed to transform this company and lead us to growth. This award fuels me to continue our mission and unlock the potential of our marketplace for our teammates, our merchants and our customers.
Thank you!”

Charlye Tapia

Divisional Inside Sales Manager
Remote - Chicago, Illinois

Congratulations to the winners!