Why Groupon?

Break Barriers And Accelerate Your Career 

Are you exhausted by bureaucratic hurdles holding back your career progression? Perhaps you're at a startup and know you will soon hit the ceiling of your potential or your role just does not allow you the impact you are capable of?
Are you motivated not just on recognition - but by rewards that reflect the value you create?
If this sounds familiar, it’s time to consider Groupon. 

Here we celebrate hard work, ensuring those who drive impactful change reap the rewards they deserve. Here, you can make swift, impactful decisions without endless meetings. Advancement is based solely on performance, not politics and we thrive on innovation and cutting-edge technology. If your current role lacks growth, Groupon offers limitless potential based on your ability to deliver.

Simply put, we value:

If this environment sounds ideal for your growth, we're searching for:

Join Our Transformation

Groupon is on a radical journey to transform our business, and we are honest that this journey is not for everyone. To meet our aggressive goals we are in the process of building a culture that prioritises fast decisions, open communication, and relentless pursuit of results. In the spirit of transparency, things aren't perfect, there are still processes to change and bureaucracy to break so we need people who want to be on this journey with us. Individuals that if they have an idea for the CEO, they speak up! Those who are tired of issues being ignored and want to tackle them head-on. A role here is not one where you can coast along - we have projects that need delivering and we need teammates who will push boundaries. What’s exciting is that the impact here can be immediate due to our scale and the speed of our transformation. Here, great ideas are championed by our management team, no matter who they come from, and tested on a vast audience transforming concepts into reality - fast. And unlike typical startups, we offer the stability of a financially secure and a global company. 

In a nutshell - it's intense and not for everyone, but it comes with limitless potential growth.

Still Interested?

Our mission is to revolutionise how businesses connect with customers.
Are you ready to join a team where your ideas matter, your impact is measurable from day one, and your success is rewarded?