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Er worden berichten weergegeven van 2023

Dit zijn slechts enkele van de verhalen en gezichten van de mensen die van Groupon een geweldige werkplek maken.



Margaux M. - Senior Vendor Manager

Role/Title: Senior Vendor Manager Location: France Learn more about Margaux, our great member of our incredible EMEA Goods team based in Paris.

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Mahmood A. M. - Operations Manager

Role/Title: Operations Manager Location: Bangalore, India Pronouns: He/Him/His Learn more about Mahmood, our invaluable member of our incredible Customer Service team based in Bangalore.



Pradeep A. - Team Lead, Content Operations

Role/Title: Team Lead, Content Operations Location: Chennai, India Pronouns: He/Him/His Learn more about Pradeep, invaluable member of our incredible Deal Factory team based in Chennai.



Janine S. - Key Account Manager

Role/Title: Key Account Manager Location: Germany Learn more about Janine and her amazing work in our Outside Sales Team!



Celebrating our Employee Resource Groups

Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a vital part of Groupon’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy. ERGs celebrate intersectionality at its core - by highlighting all of the diversity within each of us, we aim to become our whole authentic…

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Cinco de Mayo 2023

At Groupon, we are committed to the daily practice of cultivating an empathetic global community. Building valued partnerships with diverse merchants is just one of the many initiatives that drive such a mission. That is why Groupon’s Latinos &…

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Black History Month

In honor of Black History Month, Communications Specialist and Co-Chair of Blacks & Allies at Groupon, Alia, visited the APEX Museum in Atlanta, GA. Take a moment to read through Alia's visit and some of her take aways from her trip!

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Zay Johnson - Sales Training Manager

Role/Title: Manager, Sales Training Location: Las Vegas, NV Pronouns: She/Her/Hers Meet Zay! If you love photography & art, the Baltimore Orioles, and have a passion for sales leadership & development... Zay is your gal! Tell us a little…