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Lauren "Lo" J. - Corporate Recruiter

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Title: Senior Corporate Recruiter
Location: Remote (California)
Joined: 2011
Preferred pronouns: She/Her/Hers

From fashionista to Sales, working with Merchants to interviewing candidates, Senior Recruiter, Lo has seen several sides of the business in her 10+ years with Groupon!

You’ve been at Groupon for 10.5 years. What has kept you here?

I’ve been at the company for 10.5 years, not only do I just love the mission of the company and the good that we are doing here, I LOVE THE PEOPLE. My manager, my director, my senior leader, my peers. They give me life, each and every day. The support I feel and enjoyment of being around great people each and every day.

How are you staying connected with your team as we’re all working remote?

My team loves to chat with each other, we have a weekly meeting on Zoom, check ins with individual teammates and of course texting and instagram messages with all my favorite coworkers!

How did your Groupon journey begin? What roles at Groupon have you had since then?

I actually went to school for fashion design if you can believe it. I was working in the industry when Groupon reached out about a “fashion channel” they were launching. I was hired on to sell for that, but two weeks into my employment I was told I would be put on a new channel (I still had a job, yay!). That ended up being an Account Representative for the Family Channel in San Francisco. Since then, I have been an Account Representative for Groupon NOW Los Angeles, Merchant Manager focused on the New Jersey market, Merchant Manager II, Corporate Recruiter, and Senior Corporate Recruiter. 

How have you grown in your career since joining Groupon?

I started in 2011 as an Account Representative (Inside Sales Rep) for a couple of our specific channel and project teams. I was moved to sell a product called Groupon NOW and launch a few major cities for that! From Sales I moved to a Merchant Manager role that was much more focused on building relationships and selling that capacity (today we call that role Merchant Development Representative). My last but not final career move was onto the Recruiting team. I started as a Sales Recruiter focused on filling the roles that I used to work in. Once I was promoted to a Senior Recruiter, I was handling a variety of corporate roles within the organization, from Getaways and Goods, to Revenue Management and Accounting. 

What has been your proudest moment so far at Groupon?

It’s hard to pick one moment, and I think it would actually be the growth and progression of my career. I would say my proudest moment would be when I received my internal job offer to join the recruiting team. It sure changed my life and now I cannot imagine doing anything else!

What is one non-work activity or hobby that you're into? How did you get into it?

Yoga! Through Groupon if that’s not cheesy enough. I tried out my first class and I’ve never felt so great in my life. Took it up regularly, practicing multiple times per week and two years ago I received my yoga teacher training certification. It is a part of my personality and also now my side hustle that I love so much.

What project currently excites you the most?

Addressing the DE&I challenges the company and departments face. I know that my role is on the front line of having conversations with candidates across different backgrounds and experiences. I’m making sure they have the chance to meet our teams and get the job! I love talking about the programming and speakers we have available to us as Groupon in the DE&I space as well. 

How has your experience in other roles helped you in your current position?

Every position I have held at Groupon has given me invaluable experience towards my personal and professional growth. I have been pushed outside of my comfort zone, challenged, and I have been given opportunities that would otherwise not have been available to me outside of the company.

What piece of career advice would you give candidates looking to join Groupon?

If you’re looking for a company that values hard work, authenticity, and giving everyone a spot in the conversation, look no further. We are fun and quirky and have plenty of programs to keep things interesting and exciting outside of your desk job. This will be what you make of it and if you like it here, we will love you right back.

What do you love about your job?

I love everything about my job. I love being able to call candidates and let them know they are receiving an offer. I love talking to different people with different experiences and backgrounds every day. I love collaborating with a variety of departments and hiring managers and I love how cross functional my job is. I love my team and the people I get the opportunity to work with.

What’s changed the most during your time at Groupon?

Besides the company as a whole?! The mission is the same, some of the products are different and Groupon has really grown up in the best ways. We’re a more sophisticated company now, but we still have a lot of fun.

Why would you recommend a career within your team?

You will learn SO MUCH, and be surrounded by smart, incredible and passionate people. You really do have a chance to influence the company through the hires you make into other teams.

One trait all Groupon team members share... 

I think everyone is unique and quirky in their own way!

What was your first job?

I was a pool deck attendant at a waterpark. Not a lifeguard -- I was the one who told you when to go down the water slide or passed out tubes on the lazy river. 

What’s the first career you dreamed of having as a kid?

I wanted to be an artist. I was super into creating, which is actually how I ended up in fashion (it’s art you can wear!)

If you could take your pick of any other job within Groupon, which job would you want? (all experience aside)?

I would love to work on the creative side of marketing. Actually creating the copy and designing materials and our website.

Rapid Fire Questions

Work from home or work from the office?

Work from home.

Any quarantine hobbies?

Puzzles, reading books and my vertical garden Lettuce Grow.

Book or Podcast? Got a favorite?

Books are my favorite, but too many favorites to name. My favorite podcast that got me through Quarantine is “My Favorite Murder”.

Life motto?

Be here now.

Favorite local business?

Illume Bloom Skincare (found them on Groupon!) and Yoga Loft (also found on Groupon!).

Last Groupon you purchased?

Holiday cards.

Favorite Groupon you purchased?

 A Groupon Getaway to Peru to see Machu Picchu.

Best carry-out/take-away during quarantine?

Zayna’s Flaming Grill.

Favorite emoji?

Laughing/crying face 😂. 

Favorite city you have visited?

Barcelona, Spain.

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