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Nicolas Y. - Mobile Senior Lead Engineer

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Title: Mobile Senior Lead Engineer
Location: Remote (Leon, Spain)
Joined: 2013
Preferred pronouns: He/Him/His

Nicolas originally moved to the US to work at Groupon on the Getaways team after an acquisition. Now, more than eight years later, he finds joy in working as a Mobile Senior Lead Engineer remotely from his hometown in Leon, Spain.

You came to Groupon through Blink; can you talk about Blink and what it was like being part of an acquisition?

I was 23 years old when I got my first engineer job. It was at a company called Blink, in Madrid (Spain). After a year and a half, Groupon decided to acquire the company. That is when Blink started to be called Blink by Groupon and I moved to Seattle with all the other engineers in the team. We all ended up working on the Getaways Team.

So what do you do?

It's been more than eight years since I moved to the US to work on the Getaways team and things have changed a lot. Around two years after getting into the company, I transitioned into the Groupon Mobile team and that is the best decision I ever made. Over these many years, I have managed Android teams, iOS teams and I have contributed to multiple projects that made the Groupon app even better each time. After five years in the United States, my family and I moved back home and now, I work as a Senior Lead Engineer within the Mobile team remotely from the town I was born and raised: León, Spain.

Can you talk about the technology you work with?

Being a mobile engineer means working with the latest technologies Apple and Google ship: things like SwiftUI, Combine, or Jetpack Compose. Also, we have a big and mature project that has been running for a long time. I can say I have written code in Objective C, Swift and now SwiftUI for iOS and we use Java and Kotlin for Android.

What do you love about working here?

The people, the people are for sure what has kept me here for this long. I am not going to lie, I have seen so many people come and go but all of them are great partners and great human beings to work with. The other big aspect is the professional and personal opportunity Groupon has given me.

How did your Groupon journey begin? 

I'm proud to say I began my career here at Groupon. I started as an iOS Engineer, then was promoted to be an Android Manager, and from there I spent some time as an iOS Manager. I had an opportunity to move into a Senior Engineer role before being promoted to my current role as a Senior Leader Engineer.

Have you won any awards at Groupon?

Yes, I have won the Mobile Team Rockstar a couple of times.

What is one non-work activity or hobby that you're into? How did you get into it?
Biking. Some friends got me into mountain biking a couple of years ago. Now, I either go for a good ride with them or I take my little one out in his bike troller. Something I cannot live without.

What do you miss about being in the office?
To be honest, nothing. I started to work remotely even before COVID started and I love all the perks of being at home.

Favorite pre-Covid activity you can’t wait to get back to?
Skiing. I was not able to get up on the slopes last year and I can’t wait.

Rapid Fire Questions

Morning person or night owl?

Morning person

Favorite city you have visited?

Prague, Czech Republic.

It’s brunch! What do you eat?

Egg Benedicts

Favorite quote?

“The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don't settle.” - Steve Jobs

Something you’ve always wanted to try but are too afraid to do?


What series are you currently binging?

Ted Lasso and The Morning Show.

What do you do to relax?

Take a walk outside, go hiking, or hang outside with friends.

What celebrity do people think you look like?

Fernando Torres.

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