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Lindsey W. - Human Resources Business Partner

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Title: HR Business Partner
Location: Remote (Florida)
Joined: 2010
Preferred Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Lindsey has held many roles in her 10+ years here, all of which have enabled her to make a positive impact on the lives and experiences of local merchants, her direct reports, and finally the employees of Groupon. (We’re sensing a trend here.)

Tell us about your job! What do you do and what do you love about it?

As an HRBP, I support my business groups by helping them retain and grow talent. I enjoy working with people and finding ways to help employees grow in their career.

How are you staying connect with your team being fully remote? Do you miss being in the office?

My team has done a great job in making everyone feel connected while working remotely. We have team volunteer events, happy hours, summits, and we started a book club. That said, I do miss seeing my co-workers and having those moments of coming up with creative ideas while we all sat at our desks. 

You’ve been at Groupon for 11 years. What has kept you here?

Groupon has provided me a lot of opportunities, and I have been able to completely change my career from sales to HR. I’ve witnessed multiple colleagues over the years do the same thing. In addition, I enjoy everyone I get to work with on a daily basis.

How has your experience in other roles helped you in your current position?

When I first became an HRBP, I supported sales teams. Given that I was in sales, there was very little onboarding needed to get me up to speed on things like… Sales Incentive Plans, Career Progression processes, etc. I had also worked on streamlining processes and delivering training as a manager which are some of the functions in my current role.

Have you won any awards at Groupon?

I won President’s Club in 2014 as a Sales Manager. Very recently, I received an HR Spotlight Award which is a recognition program we have on the HR team. Anyone can nominate anyone and 5 people receive the award each quarter.

What do you love about your job?

I love that everyday is different and I can spend time focusing on areas that engage creativity. If there is a need in the business or within my team, I feel empowered to provide a solution. I also love what Groupon can do for local businesses. When I was an Account Manager, I spoke to so many business owners and heard great success stories of how Groupon helped their business. Many businesses were able to expand in product or services.

What’s changed the most during your time at Groupon?

In my 11 years, a lot has changed! The Groupon site is completely different. When I started, there was one deal a day, and in order for the customers to get the deal, a certain amount of people had to purchase (it was called the tipping point). Now, we have thousands of deals live on the site which gives customers a lot more options!   Outside of the office, a lot changed in the past year. I became a mom in August of 2020, and my husband and I moved back to our home state of Florida in 2021.

What’s your favorite Groupon memory?

In 2010, there was a monkey dressed like Santa Claus that came to the office. There are always crazy things happening in the office and you never know what to expect: Zombies on Halloween, T-Rex running down the aisles, Steve Harvey, All-4-One singing in the lobby, the Abominable Snowman, etc.

One trait all Groupon team members share...

Everyone looks great in an Adidas track jacket :)

What was your first impression of Groupon as an employer?

I first came to Groupon’s office in 2010 just a few days after moving to Chicago from Florida where I worked for a small company. I was drawn to the energy of the team, which at the time was dubbed the fastest-growing company ever!

What was your first job?

I was an Education Consultant for an audio-visual integration company in Florida. I sold Smart Boards, projectors, screens, monitors, etc to K-12 schools and Universities. My favorite part of the job was training teachers on how to use Smart boards.

Have you won any awards during your time here?

President’s Club 2014! Also—funny story about President’s Club—my husband also works at Groupon (we met in college, but ended up here together). When I had found out that I won President’s Club, I let my husband, Jon, know that he would be my plus one. A couple days later, they sent out an email to all of the winners to join in a celebration, and my husband was on the email, too! Turns out we had both won that same year!

You’re a member of Women@Groupon; why did you join? What do you get out of it?

I joined Women@Groupon to expand my network and meet career-driven individuals who could offer different points of view. In 2013, I applied for the first mentor program for W@G and had a great mentor from our Legal department. It was so helpful to have my mentor’s perspective while I was going through my career changes at Groupon.

Your first role with Groupon was a Sales Representative. How did you make the transition to Human Resources Business Partner?

I became a manager on the sales team about 3 years after starting at Groupon. As a manager, I worked closely with HR and became interested in that department. I set up “coffee chats” with employees in different HR roles (Benefits, compensation, Talent Development and HRBPs), to better understand what they did in their positions. I realized through these chats that I wanted to pursue the HRBP role, and started to meet more consistently with my HR Business Partner to work on small projects and build more transferable skills. About 2 years after I made the decision to focus on transitioning my career to HR, I accepted an offer to become an HRBP! 

What is one non-work activity or hobby that you're into? How did you get into it?

One hobby I took up a few years back is sewing Christmas stockings. There are bucilla kits you can order, and then you hand sew every piece, including individual sequins. It is extremely time consuming and one stocking usually takes about a month for me to make (roughly 50 hours). My aunt made my sisters and me the same type of stockings when we were babies, and I now make them for my family and friends. It is also a good stress reliever.

If you could do any other job for a day, what would it be and why?

I would love to be a Cirque De Soleil performer and miraculously be able to do all of the stunts.

What’s your favorite local business?

Kibbitznest in Lincoln Park: it’s a cafe/bar with nostalgic games, coffee, wine, light bites, and CDs and records that you can play.

Tell us something about you that might surprise us!

I was in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade in New York when I was in high school; it is my favorite tradition to watch it every year.

Rapid Fire Questions

Work from home or work from the office?

Work from home.

Any quarantine hobbies?

Arts and crafts for my daughter’s nursery and sewing stockings.

Book or Podcast? Got a favorite?

Podcast (Las Culturistas, MFM).

Favorite Groupon you purchased?

A vacation to Greece.

Best carry-out/take-away during quarantine?

Lou Malnati’s Pizza (which can be delivered nationwide).

Favorite emoji?


Favorite city you have visited?

Lombardy, Italy (Lake Como).

#1 on your bucket list?

Go to New Zealand and see the glow worm caves.

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