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Celebrating our Employee Resource Groups


Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are a vital part of Groupon’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion strategy. ERGs celebrate intersectionality at its core - by highlighting all of the diversity within each of us, we aim to become our whole authentic selves in and outside the workplace in a safe space. Below, you'll find the six ERGs currently active at Groupon & hear from a few ERG Leaders on their experience.


Our ERGs (Employee Resource Groups) are voluntary employee-led groups that provide a platform for underrepresented communities to connect, support one another, and drive positive change. ERGs promote inclusivity, empower employees, and serve as valuable resources for networking, mentorship, and professional development. Currently, we support six active ERGs; Women&Allies@, Parents&Allies@, Blacks@Allies@, Pride+@Allies@, Latinos&Allies@ and Wellness@. Our ERGs work to provide support, resources, and opportunities for their members, and also engage in outreach and education to promote awareness and understanding across the organization. The ERGs create content, organize events and community calls. 

The six ERGs collectively have 823 members and in 2022 they engaged 3000+ employees in DEI and ERG events. We were able to connect with a few ERG Co-Chairs and hear about their experience thus far leading our different groups. 


Women & Allies at GROUPON


Melissa F.  | Content Marketing Manager in Chicago, IL

"I want to cultivate an identity for Women at Groupon that allows intersectional feminism to take root in the foundation of our organization. I value fostering an environment that allows women of all backgrounds to communicate and grow. I want to help connect women throughout Groupon with relaunching/promoting an inclusive mentorship program, find volunteer opportunities, host workshops that delve into the difficulties women overcome, and, most importantly, focus on the unique complexities women of color or other female-identifying persons face."

“This year we are hosting our monthly forum where we introduce women and allies from across the company to one another creating connections in a global community. We hope this forum will help women navigate the challenges of a modern workplace through creating dialogue about the unique situations all women identifying people find themselves in.”


Aurore A. | Senior Merchant Marketing Manager in Madrid, ES

"I want to foster a culture at Groupon where every woman feels she is heard, considered and valued - no matter her position, her background, her age or her beliefs. This cannot be done without the precious support of our allies, and constantly educating each and everyone on how important and beneficial having diverse team members is. To do so, we are collaborating with other ERGs to demonstrate we are one united group with a common vision. We're also organizing a growth worksop to offer opportunities to our Women & Allies to expand their knowledge and find their better selves. And more recently, we started launching open forums to give our members free space to talk, be themselves and ask anything that's on their mind - work-related or not - for which they need guidance, a new perspective, or just want to get a conversation kicked off. The work never stops and there's so much to do - from an individual, organizational and company level - for all members of this community to be heard, seen and appreciated for who they are and what they stand for. We've at least started the work and we'll continue building a better place. Together. Step by step."


Latinos & Allies at GROUPON


Juan G. | Senior Manager, Technical Program Management in Chicago, IL

“I've lived firsthand what a diverse and supportive environment can do for a company's employees and its culture. It gives us a sense of belonging so especially needed in these times of transformation. A diverse team also helps us understand better our merchants and customers and helps us evolve our products to match their needs.”


Pride+ & Allies at GROUPON


Ben L. | Senior Manager of Sales Training & Enablement in Chicago, IL

"I have proudly been an active member of the PRIDE+ at Groupon ERG since I joined the team and even facilitated leadership and support roles. A few years ago we evolved from being just the Pride Parade ERG to becoming an ERG that hosts community dialog sessions, participates in external events, invites external LGBTQIA+ leaders/merchants/international partners into conversations on real issues that face our family. We also have hosted educational offerings on the letters of Pride, representation and why it matters, expanding on Allyship, etc. So a lot to be proud of with Pride!"


Blacks & Allies at GROUPON


Samantha D.  | Senior Vendor Manager in London, UK

"My primary objective is to create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters the professional growth and well-being of Black employees. I want to establish initiatives that address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by Black individuals in the workplace. This would involve organizing networking events, mentorship programs, and career development workshops specifically tailored to the needs of Black employees."


Wellness at GROUPON


Dana L.  | Senior Manager, Benefits in Chicago, IL

“As Wellness@ co-chair, my primary goal is to foster a culture of well-being and prioritize the holistic health of our employees through creative initiatives focused on mental, physical and financial wellness.”




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